Who and what is behind Norscq?

My name is Rosalie Watson. More than 30 years ago I smoked as a student myself, then I wanted to get free, stay healthy and live longer.

Because I didn’t feel like quitting smoking, I researched the mechanisms and connections involved in smoking.

Because one thing was clear to me: I wanted to manage it easily. It worked great for me. I never touched a cigarette again.

When I realized that my discoveries were also important for others – still smokers – I began a few years later to develop a program from my research that would also make this experience possible for others. After all, anyone can quit smoking easily – if they know how to do it.

At first I only offered this to the patients of my alternative practitioner practice, which I had opened in the meantime.

After some time, the AOK called me and told me that so many of its members were enthusiastic about their success with my program and would now like a contribution from the health insurance company.

At first I shied away from my additional work.

After the third of these calls, I agreed to submit the course for examination and certification.

In the meantime this has resulted in what you can find on these pages.

In many years I have developed the course program “Stop Smoking – Now! I offer this course as an open course on site and as an in-house course for companies and authorities. It was first certified by the AOK and Barmer in 2007. In the meantime, it has been listed as certified by the Central Testing Laboratory for Prevention in Essen, which has existed since 2014.

Since 2018 I offer the same course also as a live-online course.

The certification certifies the quality and effectiveness of the course.
In addition, under certain circumstances, legally insured persons are reimbursed part of the course costs.

As an expert in broadcasting

The success of the combination of course and hypnosis
In 2007 the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) approached me for the first time and offered me to take part in a “competition”: Smoking cessation in direct comparison. One listener was supposed to stop using the new product Champix ®, another with nicotine patches. For a third listener, hypnosis was the prescribed method for stopping, and the subsequent course was also offered to her in order to stabilize her success over the long term.

The listener, who was provided with Champix ® tablets worth €300, did not take the medication after a few days. The side effects were too serious.

The listener with the nicotine patches disposed of the remaining patches after a few days. His realization was: “I can’t fight addiction with the addictive substance!

Only the listener who was assigned to me was able to stop quite easily with the help of my hypnosis.

The subsequent course is important because it teaches, recognises and practices what has already made us a real non-smoker when the effect of hypnosis ceases.

If smoking bans, then better stop smoking

The show “Arena” by WDR2 comes from the studio in Cologne.

It’s always about a topic to which experts are invited into the studio.

During the show, listeners can call, ask questions and participate in discussions.

As an expert for smoking cessation and as a non-smoker coach I was invited as one of three guests to the topic “Right to smoke”.

The interest in this topic was so great that the telephone lines sometimes collapsed.

As far as the protection of non-smokers is a matter for the federal states, there are different regulations in the federal states.

In the transmission it concerned above all passive smoking in restaurants and the legal reorganization in North Rhine-Westphalia.

It was important to me to make it clear which criteria there are for help that makes quitting smoking successful.

As genuine non-smokers, former smokers are also happy that they can eat and drink in restaurants without smoking.

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