What Would A Perfect Smartwatch Be?

Wearable tech is one of the hottest trends of the upcoming 2014. The brightest thing that raises conversations nowadays is the watch, or more exactly, smartwatch.

There are different concepts and ready gizmos on the market yet we don’t have a watch that comes close to a photo of an excellent smartwatch, a product that will be enjoyed by around the world audience, a gadget so excellent in every manner in which people would select to replace their stunning watches with it.

The recently offered Galaxy Gear by Samsung has way too many drawbacks to get instantaneous acknowledgment. Let’s attempt to draw a picture of a perfect smartwatch. What would certainly it resemble?


You have a smartphone and also it’s more than likely that you have a tablet computer. Possibly you have a separate mediaplayer (such as an iPod). Do you like the suggestion of one more gadget’s battery being billed daily? The creators of the Galaxy Gear believed that it had not been much of a trouble.

Our viewpoint here https://www.myparty.org.il/%d7%a9%d7%a2%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%97%d7%9b%d7%9d-%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%9e%d7%9c%d7%a5/ is on the contrary. We obtained made use of to batteries of mobile phones that may not last the day, yet we do not want the same for our watches. Billing as soon as a week? Possibly. Daily? That’s a cheerless prospect.

It’s hard to make touchscreen-based mobile tech truly mobile, and suppliers have not been successful. Such a smartwatch as the Galaxy Gear is presently a gluttonous power customer. There’s one solution that can help – cordless billing. This indicates we’ll have our smartwatches billed without seeing it. At least there won’t be an additional cord to trouble us.

Globally developed

That’s an extremely subjective factor because tastes vary, and the style of the Galaxy Gear can not be liked by everyone. It’s a laborious task to create something that will certainly look good on your wrist when you use your match. It ought to be pointed out that we have different arms and choose watches of various dimensions and also designs to fit our very own.


The existing instances of such watches are generally complementary to a lot more functional as well as effective tools as well as services of their ecosystems, they are collectors of features and also info from various other clever gadgets. The Galaxy Gear is presently suitable with a minimal variety of Samsung’s Android smartphones and also phablets.

Such constraint is no good news if you desire your product to go mainstream, with all the diversity of Android tools. As well as if Apple lastly makes a decision to release a smartwatch, the question of compatibility will be not that tiresome to handle, since Apple recognizes exactly how to polish its services and products.


We obtained made use of to a year-long cycle of smartphones’ and also tablets’ life, particularly in the Apple case. Do we need a newer variation of a smartwatch in just a year after we acquired the present one? Specifically if the platform updates will make severe problems being used, say, two to three years after.

Individuals frequently obtain made use of to their old wristwatches and do not such as altering them. If you are among such individuals, would you deal with a smartwatch in different ways?

Useful (not greater than it’s necessary)

Smartwatches are synced with mobile devices and also are just accessories, however they should be independent in their very own. We do not require premium specs and also power draining processors. It’s far better to eliminate unneeded functions that work much better on a smart device.

You do not need to design new points to be handled by a watch, just ensure it does what it does the best, and does it way better than other smart phones. Would you such as to review as well as send out e-mails on a 1.3″ -1.5″ screen? Browse to-dos/reminders? That’s far better.

It’s just a way of wrapping old functionality into a better form aspect. You don’t need to have every little thing in it to make an effective item. Simply a notification that you’ve received an email is not the best attribute for a smartwatch. The richer the screen, the more the functions, yet isn’t it easier (and also informative) to inspect social network notices and react to them using our smart devices? Especially if the trouble of battery life isn’t most likely to vanish.

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