Stop Nicotine Craving

Stopping smoking: How the skin changes.

Cigarettes not only cause lung cancer, but sometimes also a pale complexion and early wrinkling. The good news is that those who quit smoking are rewarded with more beautiful skin.

Quitting smoking has many advantages:

  • Lowering the risk of cancer
  • Reducing the likelihood of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke
  • better shape
  • fewer wrinkles
  • rosy complexion

The list could be continued for a long time, because there is really nothing against it, but everything for turning your back on the cigarettes. Read on to find out why stopping smoking is so important for healthy and radiant skin.

Poison in my skin

Anyone who reaches for the glow stalk every day is exposed to more than 4,000 different toxins on their skin. 90 of these have been proven to be carcinogenic. And not only that: While many of the dangerous consequences take place inside our body, smokers also begin to gradually change their appearance.

The smoke gradually worsens the condition of our skin. The toxins in the “chic” attack the skin cells that are affected. Nicotine and carbon monoxide also reduce the blood flow to the skin.

The consequences are wrinkles and a pale to grey complexion. Some pimples and dry spots on the face are also caused by cigarette smoke. Dark circles around the eyes can also worsen as a result of addiction.

The skin forgives

If, on the other hand, you give your cigarettes the go-ahead, you will soon be able to look forward to more beautiful skin. Blood circulation improves shortly after stopping smoking, the grey veil gives way to a natural, rosy complexion. Through the optimized circulation of the blood, the red blood platelets can again transport more oxygen and important nutrients into the facial skin.

Dry skin will recover over time, and feelings of tension will diminish. Many people report, for example, that the skin feels more supple again after a few weeks of giving up cigarettes.

Acne gets better

The fact that smoking can promote the development of pimples and skin impurities has been confirmed so far by several studies. This is due to the constant lack of oxygen and nutrients, which makes the skin’s own protection out of balance. Bacteria can more easily penetrate the skin and cause painful inflammations. Due to poor blood circulation, pimples also heal less well. Even the best cleansing milk will not help!

The best solution for smokers to improve acne or even get rid of it is simply to avoid cigarettes.

Faster old with blue haze

Smoking accelerates skin aging and should not be shaken. Nicotine reduces the vitamin C content in the skin. As an important antioxidant, the vitamin protects the skin from negative external influences. Without vitamin C, the skin is exposed to free radicals: it becomes flaccid and rather wrinkled.

Unfortunately, the following is true: wrinkles already caused by smoking can no longer be reversed by doing without the poison. They can, however, help to restore the natural speed of the aging process and prevent the formation of new wrinkles.

Stop smoking: What happens in the body?

Tomorrow’s World No Tobacco Day requires a proper motivation for all those who want to turn their backs on the chick: We explain how the body recovers after stopping smoking.

You want to say “Bussi-Bye” to the cigarettes and go the way to a healthier life? Read a series of physical changes that go hand in hand with the renunciation of the blue haze. Bet you want to banish the last pack to the garbage? You can do it!

Will I really become healthier after stopping?

Yes, of course! The risks for the following diseases are reduced after the last move:

Cancer: Smoking is responsible for 1/5 of all cancers. After 10 years of not smoking, your risk of developing lung cancer has already dropped by half that of a smoker. After only 5 years, the probability of developing cancer of the throat, oral cavity, esophagus and bladder has been reduced by half.

Cardiovascular diseases: Two years after your last cigarette, you have almost the same risk of heart attack and stroke as someone who does not smoke. After 5 years you are ex aequo with non-smokers.

Do I live longer if I quit smoking?

Medicine and science also answer this question in the affirmative:

Men who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day live on average 9.4 years shorter.

Women die about 7.3 years prematurely as a result of tobacco consumption.

But fewer cigarettes also have an effect on life expectancy: If you puff less than 10 cigarettes a day, you will live about 5 years shorter, regardless of gender.

Smoking men, who are also overweight, drink a lot of alcohol and eat too much red meat, are in a particularly bad position: on average they lose 17 years, women with the same risk profile lose 13.9 years.

Can I breathe better after stopping smoking?

You can assume that too!

  • 3 days after the end of your smoking era, your airways work better. Clearly, you don’t have to deal with a lot of toxins anymore.
  • A week without cigarettes leads to a reduction in blood pressure.
  • The cough will also improve: After 1 to 9 months the coughing attacks reduce noticeably, the paranasal sinuses are less blocked, when climbing stairs you suffer less from shortness of breath.
  • The lungs break down phlegm and purify themselves.
  • You’ll also be less prone to infection if you don’t smoke.
  • Also nice: you have less bad breath.
  • The skin becomes noticeably more beautiful, cleaner and rosier.

When does the craving for nicotine stop?

The first 10 days without the usual cigarettes are particularly hard. Who has survived this period is out of the woods. Nevertheless: Many ex-smokers fight with us:

bad mood
mood swings
increased appetite

However, it is worth staying the course, because the complaints are gradually getting less and less. Don’t let excuses count. Be patient with yourself and don’t be afraid to seek help, because: Smoking is a serious addiction.

This is what happens to your body when you quit smoking.

Smokers risk lung cancer. And smokers live shorter lives – heavy smokers lose an average of ten years of their life. Heart attacks or strokes can also threaten. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, around 110,000 Germans die every year as a result of tobacco consumption.

But hardly anyone knows that even the bodies of heavy smokers recover within a very short time. And even if you have smoked for decades before. It is astonishing that just a few hours after the last cigarette the body begins the regeneration process.

Breathe better, walk better and eat better: Who smokes, risks his life – to stop, is worthwhile itself against it.

The result: the skin becomes more beautiful and plump again, the organs are better supplied with blood and the cardiovascular system improves. But the well-known smoker’s cough also subsides, as the lungs can “breathe” again.

Just 20 minutes after the last cigarette the blood pressure drops back to a normal level. After eight hours, the carbon monoxide level in the body also drops. With the result that tissue and organs can be supplied again sufficiently with oxygen.

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