Tips For Healthy Sleep

A person spends about one third of his life in sleep. And with good reason, because the daily recovery phase for body and mind is the prerequisite for staying fit and healthy.

Sleep deprivation can have all kinds of effects, from concentration disorders to cardiovascular diseases and depression. We therefore often talk about healthy sleep.

What is healthy sleep?

Sleep is a basic human need and therefore, like food or social interaction, necessary for life but also very much an individual need. As a rule, an adult should sleep between six and eight hours a day.

During sleep, the body’s defenses are strengthened, hormones are released and experiences are processed and stored in the memory. However, these processes are only possible in deep sleep phases, which in turn requires a calm sleep without disturbances, i.e. a healthy sleep.

Tips for healthy sleep

If you are suffering from sleep problems or disorders, even minor measures can often lead to an improvement. As long as there are no physical or mental illnesses, anyone can ensure a healthy sleep themselves.

Taking medication should not be your first step. Our tips are a good alternative and can contribute to healthy sleep.

Maintain rituals

Humans are creatures of habit – rituals are therefore particularly important when going to bed.

Getting up at the same time every day does something good for your sleep quality: your body gets used to it and your inner clock knows when it is time to get up. As a result, tiredness also occurs at the right time in the evening – the body knows how much sleep it needs and takes as much as it needs.

In addition, it helps if you get in the mood for going to bed by doing certain activities every day. Reading, listening to music, taking a bath, drinking a tea – no matter what ritual you introduce, these habits also relax and signal to the body that the night’s rest is imminent.

The right environment

Hard as it may be for some people, the bedroom should be kept as cool as possible. It is equally important to darken the bedroom as much as possible and banish light sources.

In addition, cool colors such as blue and grey tones in the bedroom can help you relax and help you fall asleep. Equally important is the humidity in the room. Too dry room air (below 45% relative humidity) can have a negative effect on sleep.

Therefore, you should also make sure that the room is sufficiently ventilated: Airing the room in the evening before going to bed and in the morning after getting up causes an exchange of fresh air in the room.

Keep the window fully open for at least 15 minutes and you will have optimal air quality in the bedroom. As far as the room furnishings are concerned, you should take care to avoid all electronic devices altogether or switch them off completely overnight.

Because electrologist also has a bad effect on sleep. However, a good night’s sleep begins with the purchase of a mattress. You should not save money at the wrong end here.

Head and back must be sufficiently supported when lying down. The mattress should imitate the shape of the spine when lying on your back and keep it horizontal when lying on your side.

Nutrition and sleep

It is important that you do not eat a large meal immediately before going to bed. The digestive process during sleep is an additional task for the body and can affect sleep.

You should also avoid alcohol. Although it makes you tired, it puts a strain on the liver overnight. Hot milk with honey is recommended as an old household remedy to help you fall asleep better. This is calming and is especially popular with children.

If you cannot fall asleep despite these measures, you should get up again. If you know what is a latex mattress purpose is and also read a bit more or drink a tea, you will get tired again by yourself and can fall asleep better.

If you do not notice any improvement with these tips for healthy sleep, be sure to consult a doctor. Sleeping problems or disorders should not be taken lightly. We wish you a peaceful and restful night’s sleep!

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